Corporate Governance

Eagle Cement Corporation’s (ECC) Code of Business Conduct and Ethics establishes a common framework across our organization for how we will achieve our goals. It provides directions and clarifications on how we do daily business. Employees with responsible and lawful conduct, sound business ethics and excellent personal integrity ensure our company’s credibility and reputation.

ECC helps sustain its business success by increasing trust and confidence with our stakeholders. As part of ECC’s strong commitment to corporate governance, we have instituted the following standards and policies, which guide the workforce in creating value for its customers and enhancing our competitiveness in the industry.

  1. ECC Code of Ethics <VIEW>
  2. ECC Gifts and Gratuity Policy <VIEW>
  3. Anti-Fraud Policy <VIEW>
  4. ECC Workplace Ethical Relationship Policy <VIEW>
  5. ECC Whistle-blowing Policy <VIEW>

In furtherance of ECC’s good governance initiatives and in agreement with its Fraud Policy and Whistle-blowing Policy, the Ethics Committee has assigned hotlines and an email address to enable employees and business partners to report serious concerns of irregularities and potential wrongdoings. Employees are encouraged to report to hotline numbers (02) 301-3453 loc. 106 or 0917-877-6608 or the email address  All reports will be acted upon and treated with strict confidentiality in accordance with the ECC Whistle-blowing Policy.