Eagle Cement Corporation Donates P1.5 Million to the Philippine Eagle Foundation

Mar 16, 2017

As part of its commitment to support the country’s effort in ecological preservation, Eagle Cement Corporation (ECC) recently donated P1.5 million pesos to the Philippine Eagle Foundation for the conservation of the world renowned but criticially endangered Philippine Eagle.

ECC says that the donation will help support the foundation’s efforts n the conservation, breeding, and research education on the Philippine Eagle.

The Philippine Eagle, scientific name pithecophaga jefferyi, is the national bird of the Philippines. It is the world’s largest eagle with a wingspan of up to 2 meters. The species is endemic to the Philippines and is the flagship species in the conservation of Philippine wildlife. With only an estimated population of 250 to 750 birds existing in the wild, the eagle is classified as a critically endangered species with a very high risk of extinction. The mission of the Philippine Eagle Foundation is to save the magnificent bird from extinction by recovering its dwindling population and protecting its forest habitats.

According to ECC Management, “We at ECC believe that preserving the Philippine Eagle is part of our unique and longstanding heritage and national identity as Filipinos. Supporting the programs of the Philippine Eagle Foundation is not only to ensure its survival and continuity but also to raise awareness that deforestation and irresponsible destruction of their natural habitat are among the main reasons why there are fewer eagles left in the wild.”

In photo from left to right: ECC marketing officer Kitzi Mendoza, ECC vice president for sales and marketing Ed Uy, ECC chief operating officer Manny Teng, PEF executive director Dennis Salvador and PEF research and conservation director Jayson Ibanez.



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