Mar 16, 2017

We at ECC continuously support the various projects in the community aimed to promote the general welfare of its inhabitants. Our Annual Social Development and Management Program (ASDMP) is focused on seven (7) main categories.

1. Education

  • ECC provides vehicles used as school shuttle service of elementary and high school students residing in Sitios Narra, Grotto, and Sinambalan of Barangay Akle.
  • To increase the competency of the out of school youths in the community, ECC conducts regular training on Basic Computer and Computer Hardware Servicing.
  • Financial assistance is provided in the form of monthly allowance to teachers and workers of Akle Day Care Centers in three different areas in the barangay.
  • ECC has also finished the construction of classrooms with principal’s office at Narra Primary School.
  • Deserving students are financially assisted by ECC. The amount provided is used for school fees, books, uniforms, projects etc.
  • Financial assistance is provided to Akle High School teachers to fund their team building activities and other trainings to enhance their teaching knowledge, skills and practice.
  • ECC supported selected Akle Elementary School Teachers and students in their participation to the Regional Math and Science Technology Fair 2014 that resulted to the school garnering 3rd place in the competition.

2. Basic Infrastructure and Support

  • ECC constructed a piping system that delivers water coming from the mountain source, to the communities downstream. ECC also funds regular water distribution to Sitios Narra, Simbalan and Centro Akle.
  • ECC also aids in the development of infrastructure programs thru cement donations for various community development projects. These cement provisions are used in the repairs of classrooms of both primary and secondary schools in the area, road repairs, and the construction of canals.

3. Basic Services

  • A street light installation project was initiated by ECC. A total of 11 streetlights were installed along the road connecting Sitio Hulo to Akle Proper in 2014.

4. Basic Health

  • ECC continuously provides weekly medical and dental clinic services. Residents of Barangay Akle and neighboring barangays avail of free medicines and dental services, in addition to receiving free consultation from doctors and dentists.
  • Weekly free health clinic with free medicines to locals
  • Medical mission tie ups with UST sorority

5. Livelihood

  • In cooperation with the Akle Farmers Producers Cooperative (AFPC) and the Municipal Agriculture Office of San Ildefonso, ECC has launched a Vermi-Compost Project. The project aims to promote the use of organic fertilizers to farmers as an alternative to commercially-produced ones.

6. Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Programs

  • The IEC section of the company’s ASDMP aims to raise awareness and understanding of responsible mining and geosciences among the members of the community. Representatives from ECC coordinate with the stakeholders to facilitate information dissemination throughout the barangay.
  • Various seminars/orientations on the importance of mining are being conducted in schools. These discussions, stress the existence of responsible mining, that socio-economic development brought about by mining can coexist with environmental preservation and restoration.
  • ECC continuously strives to create a strong partnership between the company, the authorities, and the community. Having this in mind, ECC conducts regular public consultation with the various stakeholders involved in and affected by the company’s operations

7. Corporate Social Responsibility


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