Downloadable Files

 EAGLE_Corporate Secretary Certification on record of attendance 2019_30Jan2020

 EAGLE_Compliance Officer Certification on compliance with the Revised Code of Corporate Governance_30Jan2020

 EAGLE_Attendance in Corporate Governance Seminar 2019_27Nov2019

 EAGLE_Attendance in Corporate Governance Seminar 2019_23Nov2019

 EAGLE_Attendance in Corporate Governance Seminar 2019_08Oct2019

 EAGLE_Attendance in Corporate Governance Seminar 2019_12 February 2019


Annual Verification of Mines and Geosciences Bureau 

 EAGLE_Annual Verification of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau_24Apr2019_Amended

 EAGLE_Annual Verification of the Mines and Geosciences Bureau_29March2019


List of Top 100 Stockholders 

 EAGLE_Top 100 Shareholders_31December2019

 EAGLE_Top 100 Shareholders_30 September 2019

 EAGLE_Top 100 Shareholders_30 June 2019

 EAGLE_Top 100 Shareholders_31 March 2019


Public Ownership Report

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 Decemeber 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_30 November 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 October 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_30 September 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 August 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 July 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_30 June 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 May 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_30 April 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 March 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_28 February 2019

 EAGLE_Public Ownership Report_31 January 2019


Foreign Ownership Report

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31December2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_30November2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31October2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_30September2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31August2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31July2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_30June2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31May2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_30April2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31March2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_28February2019

 EAGLE_Foreign Ownership Report_31January2019


Report on Number of Shareholders

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31December2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_30November2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31October2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_30September2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31August2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31July2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_30June2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31May2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_30April2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31March2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_28February2019

 EAGLE_Report on Number of Shareholders_31January2019


Press Release

 EAGLE_Press Release_9M2019 Results

 EAGLE_Press Release_1H2019 Results

 EAGLE_Press Release_1Q2019 Results

 EAGLE_Press Release_FY2018 Results


Notice of Analysts' Briefing 

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_9M2019

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_1H2019

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_1Q2019

 EAGLE_Notice of Analysts' Briefing_FY2018


Clarification of News Reports

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_19June2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_10May2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_03May2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_29Mar2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_19Mar2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_05March 2019

 EAGLE_Clarification of News Report_03Jan2019


Disbursement of Proceeds and Progress Report

 EAGLE_Annual Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_31Dec2019

 EAGLE_Quarterly Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_31Dec2019

 EAGLE_Quarterly Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_30Sept2019

 EAGLE_Quarterly Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_30June2019

 EAGLE_Quarterly Progress Report on Application of IPO Proceeds_31March2019


Eagle Cement registers P1.4 billion in 3Q20 net profit

Eagle Cement Corporation (Eagle Cement), one of the largest cement producers in the Philippines, showed signs of improvement in its third-quarter financial performance as the government eased COVID-19 quarantine restrictions to Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ) in most areas and allowed construction and major infrastructure projects to resume.

Eagle Cement aims to close health, education gaps in new feeding program for children in Bulacan

Eagle Cement Corporation (Eagle Cement) supports its communities anew as it launches a 120-day feeding program for the children of its host community and neighboring barangays in various areas in San Ildefonso and Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan.

Eagle Cement posts P1.3 billion net profit in 1H20

Eagle Cement Corporation (EAGLE), a fully integrated cement company, continued to turn a profit in the second quarter even as the Philippine economy fell into a recession after the government locked down Luzon starting mid-March to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.