Corporate social responsibility is part of our business model. We take sustainable development seriously and we believe in a business approach that benefits the stakeholders socially, economically, and environmentally. Our facilities are environmentally friendly and we are committed to the progress of the communities we work and live in.

Our facility at Eagle Cement Corporation (ECC) has a Waste Heat Recovery system that generates up to 6.30 Megawatts of power from the plant’s waste heat. This allows up to save up to 20% of electricity costs in production while conserving renewable fuel supply and minimizing harmful gas emissions.

Mar 16, 2017

We at ECC continuously support the various projects in the community aimed to promote the general welfare of its inhabitants. Our Annual Social Development and Management Program (ASDMP) is focused on seven (7) main categories.

Mar 16, 2017

In light of the ongoing concerns on Covid-19, we would like to assure the public that the health and safety of our people, our clients and our community are our highest priority. Our immediate response has been to take all necessary safeguards to manage the situation. We are doing what we can to address the economic, social and environmental impact of COVID-19. We have a business continuity plan in place and is being implemented across the Company.


EAGLE ensures compliance on the implementation of the guidelines from the Department of Health, Department of Labor and Employment and World Health Organization. We also encourage employees to conduct business meetings via teleconference or video conference. We have efforts to reach a work from home solution for our staff in Metro Manila should the need arises. Employees who have recently traveled in countries with confirmed cases are under self-quarantine of 14 days before reporting to work.


All strict measures and actions are promptly taken by the Company and our third parties to inform the management of those who might have come into contact with a colleague or third party for the appropriate checks and provide any possible form of support.



To date, we have no known case or employees with symptoms of Covid-19.